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Akira Casting Calls for Yamagata, Tetsuo, Ky Listed

Live-action Warner film looks for Japanese-American Yamagata, Tetsuo & Ky of any ethnicity.

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tayz3930d ago

they should be consistant with casting. it was wierd to see an asian chichi and white Goku in DBE. they should be asian only or white only unless the anime shows differently.

hkgamer3926d ago

the anime shows that chi chi and yamcha are asian.. Bulma was white and Goku is an alien.
So the movie got it right in a way.

vash013928d ago

you are right about that if your not going to make the movie right don't do it at all

jwalkerz3926d ago

they should have minho from SHINee cast as Kaneda. aand Jonghyun from SHINee as Tetsuo.