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One Piece 524 Anime Preview

Saiyan Island previews the next episode of One Piece, Struggle in the Sea, the Demon of the Deep Appears.

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tayz3920d ago

these episodes of OP are soo good these days! Naruto better get back 2 this level quick!!!

rabidpancakeburglar3919d ago

Yeah they're great. It helps because some things in this arc were hard to follow in the manga. I don't like the fact it has taken a break a weeks few times in the past couple of months as I need my weekly injection of Piece. Thankfully I started a good manhwa will will tide me over until Wednesday.

tayz3919d ago

breaks should be illegal. if there is a break we deserve two chapters to make up for the missed time!

rabidpancakeburglar3919d ago

Exactly what I'm thinking. Too many times have I read though a chapter and not seen the break announcement and suffered the disappointment of finding out the next week. It's time to rise up against this injustice and demand a second chapter!

That said they might frown upon me reading it online if I complain.

koga883918d ago

Agreed, right now One Piece is far superior and I am glad that they moved quickly right to the next arc where everyone is already trained. I was concerned that they would end up doing some anime-original content where it showed everyone training. While that would have been interesting for a bit the fact they are pushing quickly along with actual story is the best.