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What You Should be Watching: High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead may be scandalous with the amount of fan-service throughout, but the gory story about high school students trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in Tokyo is worth a watch.

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NagaSotuva3921d ago

My high school was just like that, but with smaller boobs.

NellyNel_7_1_33920d ago

When will we start seeing new episodes of this awesome show?

Reibooi3920d ago

No further episodes have been discussed as of now. That doesn't exactly mean there won't be any but with a show like this if a second season doesn't happen rather quickly it tends to not ever happen.

SybaRat3920d ago

Okay, those breasts have a better independent suspension system than my car.

Chidori3920d ago

Seriously....This series is stupid. The only reason people love it is because of the boobs. Those people happen to all be pubescent boys with raging hormones.

CrescentFang3920d ago

Though I agree with you I haven't read the manga in a while, so... maybe it got better? Anyways since the mangaka does H-related stuff too maybe that's why High School of the Dead is popular lol

Chidori3920d ago

Last I remember from the manga is I think the entire earth was about to be nuked to wipe out the zombies...or something. I used to enjoy all of it, till I realized that without the boobs everything kinda sucks...But yeah, without the fan service, this wouldn't be half as popular.

Ryasha3920d ago

Without the boobs it's just your typical zombie survival "George A Romero" movie. I wouldn't say its stupid or sucks. Just you know....average. The fanservice is the only thing that sets it apart really.

Alkaline12403920d ago

I actually think it would have been way better without all of the boobs. They would focus on plot and stuff.

Ryasha3920d ago

You must not have seen the recent 'of the dead' movies. Focusing on the plot isn't always a guarantee to something better.....

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The story is too old to be commented.