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Rozen Maiden: Ouverture Anime DVD Review [The Fandom Post]

TFP: "In Summary: The two part Rozen Maiden OVA is definitely a welcome addition after all this time and Sentai Filmworks deserves credit not only for bringing it out, but making it so that fans could get it separately from the new set but also making sure new fans get it all in one whack as well. This release covers an interesting part of the dolls history while tying into the second season of the series as well. We don’t get a lot of time with all of the dolls so fans of Hina-Ichigo may feel shorted, but with its focus on Suigintou, it really drives home her problems in the series and gives it that extra little nudge to flesh it out. Revisiting Rozen Maiden’s TV series has been fun, but I really enjoyed getting exposed to some new material, even if it’s five years after it originally came out."

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