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Girl Sugoren Pinpoints 9 Behaviors That Will Out You As Otaku

Crunchyroll: "Starting from a premise of, "There aren't that many otaku girls who can grandly announce to the guy they like, 'I'm an otaku!' right?" Girl Sugoren describes nine ways a girl might accidentally out herself without thinking."

1. Immediately replying "17" when a guy says, "I wonder how old Luffy is...."

2. Calling a cameraman a "kameko" [since that is cosplayer slang]

3. Using net slang in everyday life

4. Referring to an energy drink as a "potion" or some other game recovery item

5. Being unable to sing anything but anime songs at karaoke

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rabidpancakeburglar3904d ago

If someone said immediately that luffy was 17 then they would be wrong (now) and could just be any idiot.