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What You Should be Watching: Eden of the East

Eden of the East is a unique show that centers on a "game" played by Japan's chosen few who must try and save the country and make it better. Part mystery and thriller, it doesn't disappoint.

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NagaSotuva4077d ago

Where do you keep finding such crazy anime?

dc14076d ago

This is one of the better completed anime series out there.
A must watch for all. (It's not a hack and slash) - Just very good suspenseful story telling.

LouisGarcia4077d ago

Netflix and these sites my buddy sends me that stream the episodes and movies for free.

ShadowPraxis4077d ago

I've been so out of the anime loop that it's hard to know where to get back in. Thanks for the suggestion!

LouisGarcia4077d ago

I've been out of it too in a sense. I've avoided a lot because I've generally felt new anime has been pretty lame. But there is great stuff out there of you give it a chance!

Lavalamp4077d ago

Great show. Not so great movies.

LouisGarcia4077d ago

The first movie went nowhere. The second was better, but they did seem to lack the oomph of the series.

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