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TBS Web Staffer for K-ON!: No Current Plans for 3rd Season

"Blackmore," a staff member for the TBS broadcaster's official website and BBS on the K-ON! anime, wrote on Friday that there are no current plans for a third season of the anime. The staff member was responding to a BBS poster's question about a third season.

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D3acon4080d ago

I really like the series, and I found that its very popular. I would have thought for sure there would be another season focusing on either Ui or Yui in college. I was also disappointed that they don't offer a complete box set on dvd or blu ray. Buying each volume individually is too expensive. Its a shame I was looking forward to owning this series.

Reibooi4079d ago

Chances are that they are waiting on seeing how the movie does before they decide to do a 3rd season(And the movie seems to be doing very well right now)

It's pretty likely they will indeed do a 3rd season of the show and could even follow the manga and split it up into 2 shows one following Yui and the band into collage and the other following Azusa and her trying to keep the club alive. The show makes a ton of money and I doubt they would just give up on it out of the blue. They will probably start talking about a 3rd season after the movie gets to DVD and Blu-ray.