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Spring 2012 Super Taisen Movie Unites 200 Super Sentai & 40 Kamen Riders

Alafista writes, "Tokusatsu fans in Japan would be able to see this movie, tentatively titled 'Super Hero Taisen' (スーパーヒーロー大戦(仮)), and the movie will be released by Toei during the Golden Week holidays next year."

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Archaic4072d ago

It's about time we had a proper crossover of the various Tokusatsu titles, and they certainly seem to be taking advantage of Gokaiger (the current 35th anniversary Super Sentai) to do it right.

According to the rumours floating out there (haven't actually seen them posted on a news site yet), the casts will be headed up by Gokaiger for the Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider DECADE for the Riders. Makes sense, seeing as those are the anniversary crossover editions of each franchise. Not sure how the Gobusters would be worked into it if Gokaiger are taking the lead, but I know Gobuster Ranger Keys have been announced for some toys, so at least that now makes sense.

Lavalamp4072d ago

I read that the Fourze and Gobusters side of things was going to end up as more of a sub-plot to the movie rather than shoehorning them in. Personally, I'm curious if the Metal Heroes will have any part in the film.

Archaic4071d ago

There's a decent possibility they will. Gavan is going to have that Gokaiger cross movie fairly soon, and then there's the rumours about Gavan actually being part of the Gobusters series as their mentor of sorts (think similar to Doggie in Dekaranger).