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Tecmo Koei To Acquire Gust

Andriasang writes, "Koei Tecmo Holdings announced today that it will be making Atelier series developer Gust into a subsidiary."

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koga884073d ago

Awww c'mon... I hope this doesn't mean that Gust is going to be thrown out of developing their JRPG franchises now. I love the Atelier series.

Lavalamp4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I'd say the primary reason Tecmo Koei wanted Gust WAS the Atelier IP, considering they've seen the merchandising for the games sell really well in the past years when sold via their Koei Tecmo Net webstore. If anything, you're probably going to see more exploitation of Gust's JRPGs.

koga884073d ago

Yeah it seems like it. It'd suck if they watered them down too much with the social games like it seems they are doing, but hopefully with a bigger studio backing them and more exposure the series will sell more and actually get more titles released. Or at least that is what I hope will happen instead of it languishing as a social developer forever.

Leupac4073d ago

Not sure how I feel about this. Especially if they decide to not bring games stateside or let NIS America bring them over.

Lavalamp4073d ago

Tecmo Koei has a subsidiary that localizes their titles. In fact, they used to localized NIS titles before NIS America came about. I'm not sure if the amount of Gust games they localize will change, but I don't think Gust and NIS's business model will prove very viable for a much larger corporation like Koei, so there might be some rumblings. I know that NIS and Koei both make use of Union voice actors, so I don't think the VAs will change, but the ADR direction and scriptwriting definitely will.

TheColbertinator4072d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo