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Navarre ceases distributing in 2012, FUNimation affected

And the ongoing drama between anime licensing powerhouse FUNimation and its (some-what former) parent distributor Navarre Corp. continues, as FUNimation will lose all privilages to release physical home media videos (DVDs and Blu-rays) as of December 31st through Navarre when the corporation pulls through with their new company model.

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koga883821d ago

Hm this is pretty bad, but from the comments and sources posted in the comments on that article it looks like it actually won't be an issue to FUNimation. Definitely a good thing because that would definitely hurt the anime industry in the US.

Tratious3821d ago

FUNimation is not affected, and their accounts have already been shipped to other companies.

SynGamer3820d ago

Considering the catalog FUNimation has built up, I don't think anyone would jeopardize that at this point. Here's to an even better offering of anime in 2012 :)

kingPoS3820d ago

So long as they continue to fill up my netflix que i'll be happy.
Especially since best buy has been culling there anime section.