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88% of One Piece Fans are Adults

Japan’s national broadcasting organization reports only 12% of fans are younger than 18.

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tayz4077d ago

it's the 2nd best show. anybody know naruto's ages?

Tanir4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

2nd best show???? ur standards are low or u just haven't given much anime a chance, Onepiece is ok, and i mean ofcourse its opinion

but i find that many naruto/onepiece/bleach fans dont watch much beyond those and swear its the best anime without ever seeing shows that are far better like Gankoutsou, Berserk, Samurai 7, Le chevalier D'eon, Elfin Lied, Blassreiter, Canaan, Garden of Sinners, Fate stay night, Ergo Proxy and Sooooooooooo many more anime that should get attention but dont because they aren't 5000 episodes long

Kur04076d ago

Blassreiter and Samurai 7...-_-; What about Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam Wing/Unicorn, Cowboy Bebop etc.

TheColbertinator4076d ago


Canaan? It was an ok story but the show got too silly and there was no formal conclusion at the end.

mt4076d ago

i watched all of those some of them are great but still one piece is way better than any thing else buddy.

iChii4076d ago


Watched most of those anime's and Elfen Lied, Samurai 7 and Bersek are the only ones I liked. One Piece is just freakin' awesome and no, I don't like Naruto or Bleach at all.

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Xanatos4076d ago

@Kuro Sorry but most of those shows are overrated or just plain not good, Ergo Proxy? Elfen Lied? please. Obviously Berserk is good but shit animation and an incomplete story, you gotta read the manga. I think what tayz meant was his second favorite show.

Muffins12234076d ago

Your average viewers come from cartoon network that are 10....

dc14076d ago

Naruto walked into Shippuden at the age of 15 - pushing 16. I would think that he's 17 to 18 now. I could be wrong.

rabidpancakeburglar4076d ago

Haha I think he meant the Naruto age demographic but I can see how you made that mistake.

I'm pretty sure that Naruto is 16 still, the events of Shippuden haven't happened over a large period of time.

dc14076d ago

Thanks rabidpancakeburglar! You're right!

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rabidpancakeburglar4077d ago

That statistic sort of surprises me yet doesn't at the same time, probably because I'm 19 and can see why people 18 and above would watch it. The statistic will differ massively in Europe and America though.

tayz4077d ago

everybody i know that likes it is less than 18. old people don't watch cartoons in USA, it is "juvinile"

Tuxedo_Mask4076d ago

"Juvenile", and while I haven't checked out One Piece yet I'm in my 20s and I watch anime.

gaffyh4076d ago

You need to watch it Tuxedo_Mask, it is AMAZING. Best shounen anime by far.

The Great Melon4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

No, the fact that Fox has churned out shows like Futurama, King of the Hill, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc. show that although the scope of genres are slim people in the US do like their animation after reaching 18. Heck, the Simpsons is around 22 years old. Although, you could argue that the subject matter might be a bit juvenile in some shows...

Regardless, the viewpoint that cartoons are for children is obtained from watching some of the Saturday morning shows. Most of those shows lack any of the depth and maturity that things like Berserk, Seirei no Moribito, Ghost in the Shell, and Haibane Renmei, Mushishi have just to name some favorites. It is no wonder that people perpetuate that claim that cartoons are juvenile.

I remember when Warner Brothers Kids decided attempted to show Escaflone back when I was 11-ish. Instantly it was my favorite show of the season that provided a stark contrast to the the rather shallow standalone shows that filled the morning line-up. I was crushed after discovering that it had been cancelled because it was deemed to complex or hard to localize.

dc14076d ago

With a comment like that it’s likely that you have a very tunneled perspective.
...unless of course you have a very poor way of expressing sarcasm.

By the way my wife and I are in are early late 30s and love anime.
Time of Eva
Eden of the east
Naruto ... One Piece!!
and many more.

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kingPoS4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

If you were in your teens when One Piece debuted and you still enjoy it today then....

r214076d ago

i aint giving up on one piece until the end >:D
the epic story that Oda made should have an epic conclusion!

TheColbertinator4076d ago

I'm not a fan of the Shonen mangas like Naruto,One piece or bleach.They just don't click with me.

TwistedMetal4076d ago

This is why you have bad taste or understanding. To me if something is good it's good. Shonen Or not. I think you need to get a deeper understanding of the world around you and open your eyes. You are blinded by something. I just hope you are not the type that like those animes that would be better as a live action show or do not use the medium of anime properly. Those anime shows that have no action whatsoever and a bunch of bland crap art with bland characters that just talk the whole anime. Hentai level quality anime but with no action whatsoever. Watch oldboy the movie instead of talky talk anime with bad art, no compelling action, and bland characters. Those are worse the. American budget soap operas lol.

TheColbertinator4076d ago


What the hell are you talking about?

I have understanding,I just don't enjoy anime or manga that go on for too long and end up disintegrating in quality because it has too many volumes or episodes.

I prefer the shorter yet well designed mangas like Claymore,Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist who don't drag on the story on too long and keep things interesting.One Piece and Naruto simply bore me,they've gone on too long.

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