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Heaven’s Lost Property Review [Capsule Computers]

FUNimation is set to release Heaven's Lost Property, also known as Sora no Otoshimono next week. How does the transition of this fan-service and Angeloid full anime go?

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futurefrog3036d ago


LinkageAX3036d ago

Isn't anime boobage great?

masterabbott3036d ago

Love tits ... who care about if its good or not ... its the tits in anime shows that make them great.

koga883036d ago

There is way more to it than tits, unless you are Tomoki...

discordman3036d ago

The story was as deep as Ke$ha's backup dancers.

futurefrog3036d ago

What kinda deep are we talking here? I like to get pretty deep into women if you catch my drift ;)

koga883036d ago

What is this? I don't even... did you read it?

masterabbott3036d ago

I read it .. it was a great review.

masterabbott3036d ago

I dont like Ke$sha shes dirty like most people i know

koga883036d ago

Also this anime actually follows the manga it is based off of very closely, despite the random occurrences at times. So those who are looking for a great adaptation have to look no further than this one. Forte had a bit of an anime original ending but could easily be re-worked for a third season.


I freaking laugh at everything in this show is so freaking good but the 2nd season ending like that just kinda ruin it for me but hopefully the movie coming out along with the forte season might say to be continued. there is so much left untold so i doubt they will leave it as it is. i just want to see tomoki's mom animated is one of those best chapters i've read and also the 2nd concert to support the school.