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Fairy Tail: Part 2 Review [Capsule Computers]

We've seen how Part 1 of Fairy Tail is, but now FUNimation is set to release Part 2 in North America. Does Fairy Tail continue in excellence or has it suffered already from being a long running series?

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futurefrog3809d ago

I love the Fairy Tail dub. The voice of Natsu is a revelation.

koga883809d ago

Agreed, that is one thing that FUNimation always does well with is provide quality voice actors. Though I think that the french guy of the Element 4 is a bit odd sounding... like he is trying too hard.

rabidpancakeburglar3809d ago

I just decided to check out the english dub voices there and while they aren't too bad they've got nothing on the original japanese. That might just be down to the fact that I find it hard to watch anime now if it's dubbed because of the usually awful voices. I really don't like Lucy's voice in the dub.

masterabbott3809d ago

I think its crap .. but hey each to their own.