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Sekirei: Pure Engagement Review [Capsule Computers]

With Sekirei: Pure Engagement set to be released next week, Capsule Computers has reviewed the series to let you know if this titillating series still packs the same punch as the first season.

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masterabbott4050d ago

Geeze will u look at the size of those tits in that pic .. this anime is all about tits !! i love tits !!

koga884050d ago

In the end those aren't even the biggest ones in the entire series. If I remember there is even an episode included with this package that specifically has the Sekirei getting their health checkup. This means they are also getting their bust sizes measured and compared.

masterabbott4050d ago

GEEEZUS ... this is one i have to go get for sure.

futurefrog4050d ago


Qwerty914050d ago

I'm guessing this is a lot like High School of the Dead: might have a lot of good content, but people ignore it for the focus on boobs. Could be wrong though, havn't seen it.

JS_CC4050d ago

If you look past the massive melons coming out of the Sekirei, this is actually a great anime. Season 1 was a joy to watch and the beginning of Pure Engagement is not bad either. The actions is awesome and the animation is also good. Glad to see the second season got such a great score.

futurefrog4050d ago

Yes, I am excited for season 2 now after reading this review. FUCK WANNA SEE THEM TITS LOL!

koga884049d ago

Yeah the second season has a lot more breasts than the first season. Considering there are so many bath scenes just randomly thrown in. Still I wouldn't mind seeing a third season

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