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Naruto Anime 10th Anniversary Spreads, A Look Into 2012

There is a preview of the up-coming arc.

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NellyNel_7_1_34046d ago

you're right! now it time for naruto to start kicking ass and start taking names...

FlashXIII4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Please for the love of the anime gods don't make the producers add fillers in the middle of this arc. If they pull a Bleach I'll be seriously upset.. worse still, unlike Bleach the fillers they'd add will almost certainly suck royally. Unfortunately seeing as the manga is still telling the arc, I can't help but see us having to contend with more months of the worst fillers I've ever seen.

Actually could I be mistaken and that the manga is another arc in front? Don't know if Confining the Jinchuriki is technically the same arc as what's going on in the manga but without giving away any spoilers, they could probably quite easily split it up into two separate arcs.. unfortunately.

tayz4045d ago

thats whats going to happen. i think before the war there is going to be fillers. jan to april will be canon and the rest of the year filler :/

silvacrest4045d ago

are you serious?? april to the end of the year will be fillers??

it cant be, got any proof?

FlashXIII4045d ago

Just a guess from tayz I imagine. The anime is getting fairly close to the manga now and we can only assume that means filler galore soon.

Berserk4046d ago

500 years later, fillers are finally over...