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One Piece: Kaizoku Musou – Chopper, Drum Island Arc Confirmed

A new scan with new a character and stage.

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tayz2481d ago

soo happy this is coming to Europe cause it has to mean it is coming to USA too!

rabidpancakeburglar2481d ago

Well it's only rumoured, unfortunately :(

I hope to god that the co-op part is true.

"It will cover One Piece Part 1"
What does that mean?

tayz2481d ago

i think b4 the 2 or 3 year timeskip. how many years was the OP timeskip for i forgot all the anime did this for some reason.

yokokoroma2481d ago

^"One Piece part 1" is before the time skip, which the 1st part of that is also in Kaizoku Musou!

As far as, these slowly released "reveals" go, there pretty much pointless, by applying the above information about what the game covers, it's logical to put two & two together. All respective characters within the Straw Hat's location/arcs will be both present & playable in Kaizoku Musou!

tayz2481d ago

there was information like a while ago only 15 characters would be playable. 9 = straw hats :/

yokokoroma2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Yeah, I read that last month, it's not typical of a Warriors game. I know the developers can only do so many characters, especially in regards to the devil fruit eaters, but it has to be more than 15! I have to say at least 40. I think that's doable. I mean don't get me wrong besides the 9 straw hats, one of the rumored characters is Whitebeard, so that's a plus, but I know they can add more characters to the physical disc, instead of going the DLC route! I mean you have to think about all the locations that will be covered in this game, everything from the very beginning of one piece to almost the point the anime is now! There are too many characters in that spectrum, to leave out of the game!