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From Fantasy to Fansubs: How Pirating Went Mainstream

Kotaku: Allow me to chime in on something I knew nothing about until last night...this is the internet, after all, where people make a living spouting opinions disguised as fact. The topic is that Bandai Entertainment will be ceasing distribution of anime and manga in North America, and what it means to the rest of us.

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D3acon4052d ago

I think me and the author treaded some of the same ground. I cqnt say for sure but I believe it was vampire hunter d that interested however I do remember project ako battle one red battle one blue.

I guess with piracy depends on the people who use it, I love anime, there are not a lot of titles I don't like, but weather its netflixs or a free website if I like the anime I'll buy it. However there are some criteria; complete seasons, no volumes with just 2 or 3 episodes and a complete story, nothing where the story just ends wjth no resolution school rumble is a great example. I always feel that if a season can not be complete then at least 1 or 2 ovas should be released. I believe funimation releases the best boxsets for the price.

I was die hard anime fan way back in the day I remember media play and suncoast it wasn't until last year that I got bwck into it with the help of netflix. I never knew that there were so.many anime titles and different types. I actually plan on buying a lot of anime on dvd that once bought on vhs.

Tuxedo_Mask4052d ago

I agree, I would have gladly bought the complete collection of Gundam 00 or even two volumes (the first and second season), but I didn't see the point in buying separate DVDs with a few episodes on them for about $30.