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Live Action Akira Cancelled?

The live action adaptation of Akira is on life support.

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koga884042d ago

While it may be good to hear this news for some, I'm a bit sad that this movie actually isn't going to be made. I'm sure fans of the original Akira would hate the thing so bad but it would also be a way to try and possibly encourage more people to watch the original after seeing this movie and develop a larger anime following.

masterabbott4042d ago

Yes i have to agree with you on that one, the film will probably be crap but then it will get new comers to go buy the original. In the end it would be a win win situation really ;)

killerhog4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Ohm, usually crappy things do not inspire people (new comers) to pursue anything related to it as it was crappy. they will just forget and move on. Your logic only apply's more closely to people who know about said product.

yokokoroma4041d ago

It should've never been put into production in the 1st place, Akira is a classic and should be left as such!