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Review - Japanator Recommends: Revolutionary Girl Utena Pt. 2 & 3

Japanator's Pedro Cortes writes, "I began my review of Nozomi/Right Stuf's first Revolutionary Girl Utena box set by discussing the difficulty of balancing surrealism and a coherent story. Many shows attempt both and fail at them equally. Thanks to interesting characters, an attractive art style and a set of solid performances, Utena balanced a very strange world with its increasingly complex story. It definitely started strong, but many shows begin strong and peter out near the end of its run.

So, the question is simple: Can the second and third parts of Utena continue to keep my interest? I mean, it's easy to handle all of the above in 12 episodes, but is it possible to keep up the same level of quality over another 27 episodes? Well, you'll just have to hit the jump to find out!"

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