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A Very Special Anime Episode #1 - Cowboy Bebop: 'Speak Like A Child'

Luke Halliday of Capsule Computer's dives into a very special anime episode from Cowboy Bebop titled 'Speak Like A Child'. He goes in depth about what makes this particular episode so very special. Follow the link to find out why.

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futurefrog4038d ago

Yeah, I love this series! :D

DrRichtofen4038d ago

One of my most favorite anime series

masterabbott4038d ago

I hate COWBOY SHIT BOP !!! It's one of the worst anime's ever made !!!

futurefrog4038d ago

Go away troll, you are not wanted.

trendor4038d ago

hes just a troll ignore him, cant notice good anime if it punched him in his ugly face

spandexxking4038d ago

i hate anime, cowboy bebop is the only decent one out there.

Ranma14038d ago

Death Note> Cow Boy Bebop

thats all

Samus HD4038d ago

I'm with you but you can't write about death note in cow boy bebop fan zone

badboy994038d ago

Death note is not even in the same level as Cowboy bebop! Bebop is a masterpiece. Death note was good but way too flawed man.

radman4038d ago

Are you seriously trying troll this well-written article? It doesn't matter what is better. This article is talking about a very good episode of Cowboy Bebop, do try and stay on topic.

Ranma14038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

@radman, what article. All i see is a broken link

(but i admit cow boy bebop is awesome, but death note is even better)

At least their both better than most crap on tv

LinkageAX4038d ago

Ranma, the link works for me; maybe somethings up with your browser? Or were you just being a smartass?

Darrius Cole4038d ago

Death Note is good, but Death isn't Bebop.

And Samus, Cowboy Bebop fan zone is almost the entire internet. It's the best anime I've ever seen and I've seen a good bit of anime.

Qwerty914038d ago

Death Note > Every Anime Ever.

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LinkageAX4038d ago

I remember this episode. I really need to rewatch this show again, for the 5th or 6th time.

futurefrog4038d ago

Haha me too. I can never watch it enough.

trendor4038d ago

ive watched it through 13 times!

Ranma14038d ago

I need to start watching naruto and one peice again.

I havent watched anime in 4 years because of university commitments, even though its my favourite type of entertainment

masterabbott4038d ago

this episode blew big time. Don't bother wasting ur time!

trendor4038d ago

your an asshole. just leave

masterabbott4038d ago

Im not going anyway, i'm allowed to my opinion and my opnions is Cowboy Bee-Shit Suck A$$

radman4038d ago

What is it with Shinbun and trolls? You are not wanted. I suggest you take your 'opinions' and leave this article.

Megaman_nerd4038d ago

Too bad Japan doesn't make anime like this anymore, now everything is lolis, harem and ecchi animes. Either that or the big 3 (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece). ;_;

Buuhan14038d ago

Sadly from what I hear Cowboy Bebop didn't do very well in Japan...

badboy994038d ago

Bebop was certainly a classic in japanese animation

Deadpool6164038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

There's a few good animes still around. Which is a shame.

If you want to see a anime within this era that used traditional 90s animation, check out Fighting Spirit. (a.k.a. Hajime no Ippo)

discordman4038d ago

More like Cowgirl BeBop a doo bop (cosby edition)

Buuhan14038d ago

Are we ever going to get Cowboy Bebop on bluray? Other classic anime series have gotten a bluray release, hell even Knockin' on Heavens Door got one.

badboy994038d ago

Maybe one day cowboy...

koga884038d ago

Well, Bandai Entertainment was the company that licensed and localized the series, but they just buckled and folded their anime division. I mean it is still possible they could re-release it on blu-ray but chances are they aren't going to put much more money into the series at this point.

Chevalier4038d ago

If anything the licenses will expire and either Sentai or Funimation will license rescue them and then put them on bluray. Like Tsukihime/Rozen Maiden/Gungrave/Last Exile etc etc etc.

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