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Japanator - First Impressions: High School DxD

Japanator's Josh Totman writes, "Which brings me to High School DxD. If you read anything about the show you pretty much have it all tied up in a nice little bow. Could there be more to this series then what you think there is? I mean, this is coming from the guys that gave us Ikkitosen: Xtreme Xecutor.

Why are you running away!? Get back here and hear me out after the jump!"

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Razongunz4038d ago

watched episode 1 director's cut HD now i must say it seems like a nice anime yeah it got ALOT of boobs so its a typical hentai/guy anime but other than that, the anime has GREAT and i mean GREAT art style i just love watching because of the gorgeous collors and the sharp HD makes it even better. mixing hentai anime with devil outfits seems somewhat fitting haha, looking forward to next episode tomorrow to see more fo this anime.