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Steins;Gate’s Kurisu and Chaos;HEAd’s Rimi showcased in latest Phantom Breaker trailer

Phantom Breaker has a cast of original anime-style characters, but it also has a two recognizable anime guest stars; Steins;Gate’s Kurisu and Chaos;HEAd’s Rimi. See them in action in this latest trailer.

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koga883784d ago

So far it seems like she has the most varied move set of the cast that has been shown so far. Rimi seems to be a one note fighter with her di-sword.

Lavalamp3785d ago

Holy cross-over, Batman! And they even hired the same VAs. Nice touch.

futurefrog3784d ago

Yeah this looks like a stroke of genius if I do say so myself, Lavalamp old chap.

koga883784d ago

Yeah it is a very nice touch, and it seems like the title will retain its Japanese voices, unless 7sixty works out an English casting very quickly.