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CRYSTAL BLAZE Anime Review- []

Crystal Blaze follows the story of Sara, a young woman who’s being pursued by an evil organization. This is just the beginning of the cliches folks, I hope your prepared.
What’s the twist, then? She’s a biological superweapon capable of localized devastation and nearly invulnerable to attack.

In the process, they discover a huge coverup and factory to produce these weapons, including an even more powerful weapon.

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geniusgamerdoc4042d ago

An average Anime that has a lot of flaws, yet enjoyable.

shreeveera4041d ago

Crystal Blaze is AN Average Anime, but it has its own flair for the first 10 episodes following which it falls flat.

geniusgamerdoc4041d ago

For me, it was unwatchable after 3 episodes or so.

Tuxedo_Mask4041d ago

Being a fan of film noir I noticed a lot of references in this anime to the genre. It was enjoyable, yet mostly predictable at the same time. There were a few surprises, but for the most part it basically followed a general formula with elements of film noir mixed in.

geniusgamerdoc4041d ago

You are Absolutely right my friend.
Though it was quite predictable, it can never match the pacing and precision of the Anime *NOIR* or *MADLAX*