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Top 5 Ways to Make the Live-Action Akira Movie Not Suck

Yahoo Voices "Akira, the live-action American version of the cult-classic anime will happen sooner or later. But that doesn't mean the movie has to fail. There are a few things the studio can do to ensure that the live-action version can be as iconic as its anime counterpart and more importantly, here is a list of things to keep the movie from sucking."

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Tuxedo_Mask4037d ago

I have no hope for this film at all. Hollywood almost never adapts foreign film in an effective way no matter what form it is or where it's from, and they definitely don't have a good track record when it comes to anime. These suggestions are okay, but even if they were implemented the film still wouldn't be Akira.

I don't understand why Hollywood doesn't do something original for a change. There are plenty of new scripts out there that could make them a lot more money for a lot less cost instead of spending all that money on this film, which I doubt will make much over budget.

Cat4037d ago

I don't think I could name a single fan I've spoken with that has any hope left for this project. :(

Yi-Long4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

1: Do NOT make it live-action. CGI is so great nowadays that it gives you alot more freedom to just do the movie how it's supposed to be done.

2: Don't force the complete Akira saga into a 2 hour movie. It won't fit. it's 6 HUGE books, which contains one huge EPIC story.

Make it into a trilogy. Take your time.

Which brings us to ...

There's a reason why it's loved. That's because it's BRILLIANT. It doesn't need to be dumbed down. It doesn't need to be 'westernized'. Just read the manga, and tranlate that as faithfully to the screen as possible!

Point 4: Not just stick to the manga as close as possible story-wise, but also DESIGN-WISE. Which is the reason why I had point 1: Do it in CGI.

In CGI, you have that possibilty of sticking as close to the original visual design of the world and the characters as possible. Also, as I explained, it will give the makers alot more freedom when it comes to doing the action-scenes and all that, plus you can do it on a much lower budget.

If done right, this could be an absolute classic. If it's done how Hollywood is currently trying to do it, it's gonna fail. No doubt.

There, I only had to use 4 simple points for Hollywood to follow to guarantee a brilliant trilogy (cashcowww!!!) which the fans will love AND buy, which treats the sourcematerial with the respect it deserves, which makes sure the budget will be under control while giving the makers all the creative freedom they need for how they show it on-screen, and which should be a huge hit with audiences worldwide!

You're welcome!

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D3mons0ul4037d ago

So basically the Top 5 ways to make a movie that is worth a damn?

Tratious4037d ago

I got 5 ways too but the later 4 become redundant when I say my first one.

1. Don't make it.