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CODE GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch Anime Review []

Lelouch Lamperouge appears to be a typical high school student at Ashford Academy in the Britannian controlled Area 11.
But he’s actually a prince in the Britannian imperial family, and seventeenth in line to the throne.
He develops a hatred for the emperor of Britannia and the entire imperial establishment, vowing to one day destroy them for the death of his mother and cripple of his sister.

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geniusgamerdoc4027d ago

The whole anime is like a Game of CHESS!!

When will we see the third Season?

Raf1k14026d ago

I'd love a new season too but TBH I think it ended really well. I don't want a new season if it's going to ruin anything.

BlackPrince 424026d ago

I don't understand why this review praises the characterization so much. That was the weakest element of this series. Nearly every character was some kind of cliche and/or supermodel.

CandyCaptain4026d ago

I more so hated the fact that the characters were all douche bags, and for no reason most of the time. A lot of what's done by the people surrounding Le Douche don't even make sense in their actions. I my opinion it was a poorly written anime.

smashcrashbash4026d ago

Which characters were all douche bags? Shirley? Riddle? Susaku? Kallen? Did you even watch the anime? What actions didn't make any sense? Many of the characters went through very traumatizing things in their lives so I don't know what you expect them to be. What didn't you understand? Kallen's anger, Le Louche's hate, Shirley's love, Rolo's madness? Cornella's arrogance? How do these things make no sense?

CandyCaptain4026d ago

I watched that show every time it was on. Adult Swim(Cartoon Network) would show it on Saturdays. Besides that it was like 4 years ago. You really expect me to recall a show I didn't even like on the details? You are a fan of it I take it? Yeah that's great. All I know is when I sat through it I didn't like it. It's like bleach for me(I started watching it so I have to finish it now, even if said anime sucks. It's a bit of a OCD of mine) So don't question me wether I watched it or not. I love anime, I just don't like a poorly contrived one. I remember as I watched it, not in details but the fact that it had poorly made excuses for the actions of the characters in it. I don't feel like re-watching a IMO a "bad anime" from 4 YEARS AGO to prove my points to some random schmuck on here.

D3mons0ul4026d ago

Yeah for Season 1 maybe

Season 2 took a big shit all over what made Season 1 good and pretty much turned Lelouch and Suzaku into homos to appeal to the yaoi crowd.

So instead of staying the course and delivering a good anime, they basically did a 180 and decided to pander to a specific demographic which is something YOU SHOULD NEVER DO.

smashcrashbash4026d ago

@ CandyCaptain your ignorant attitude speaks loads about you. You don't even remember any details about it and yet you are ready to jump to say it sucked. You obviously didn't watch it properly or try to understand anything about it before jumping to any conclusions. Code Geass was far from badly written. If you don't like fine but please spare me the unreasonable reasons. Just because you couldn't follow along or understand the characters don't blame the anime.

@ D3mons0ul.Please don't talk garbage.Lelouch and Suzaku had women who they loved.It's only stupid people who see strong friendship between guys as yaoi or homosexual. Name one time in the whole show that Lelouch or Suzaku showed any attraction to each other or any guy?

CandyCaptain4025d ago

Quote from the Article: " If your main interest in anime is in the quality of the storytelling or the characters, then Geass is probably not for you." Gee even in the summation of the anime he says people wouldn't like it for the very reasons I stated. It's not like I said it for no reason, I remember why I didn't like it. Even w/o having to sit through it again, all I had to do was go to article to find that the one who is praising it says it's the anime's weakest points. Story and characters. I understand you like it, I don't and even the writer who gave it a 9.9 can see why I don't. Why can't you?

Kon4026d ago

I want a third season!

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