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Fairy Tail Part 3 Review [Capsule Computers]

FUNimation continues its monthly release of Fairy Tail with Part 3. With an arc containing the finale of Phantom Lord, Loke's past and the beginning of Tower of Heaven how did this release turn out?

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futurefrog4034d ago

AWESOME REVIEW! CC are on Fire once again! Been following their reviews of Fairy Tail and gotta say theyve got me all fired up!

koga884034d ago

Yeah it's great that FUNimation is putting them out so fast, though I think they only have one more part left before they run out of the episodes they licensed.

trendor4034d ago

funimation suck so does fairy gayl

masterabbott4033d ago

Yes pretty good review. i enjoyed reading this one.

futurefrog4034d ago

Cool pic of NATSU vs GAJEEL btw. One of the best fights in Fairy Tail for sure

JS_CC4034d ago

That pic does look awesome.

masterabbott4033d ago

yeah looks very cool, awesome pic

JS_CC4034d ago

This looks like quality anime. Is it out yet in Oz?

koga884034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

What is Oz even? I don't think they ship down the yellow brick road or the jail.

badboy994034d ago

LOL good one Koga. But he means Australia

discordman4034d ago

This anime really caught me by the skin of my cheeks. To see how much Loke has evolved since the first part is incredible. To top that off, we have found ourselves at a complete arc. I now feel complete and if Fairy Tail was to end tomorrow I would be ok with that as everything is neat in it's little box.

Xena is still a superior show though, but we can always give the bronze to this superb showing.

trendor4034d ago

i hate fairy tail but xena? what the fuck are you talking about...?

badboy994034d ago

Xena has nothing to do with anime. discordman is renowned for being an asshole who spams animeshinbun

Qwerty914034d ago

Xena?! STFU Dickwhoreman.

masterabbott4033d ago

XENA .... are you serious ... you must have problems dude.

Megaman_nerd4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

is just me or every anime/episode/series that weaboo sites review are always 9's and 10's?