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.hack//Quantum Review [Capsule Computers]

The next entry into the .hack franchise is about to be released in North America by FUNimation. Is it worth your time?

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The Killer3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

why does anime characters these days have little cloths on? do they have that much poverty that they cant buy cloths?

if they were in the jungles living with the lions i will understand, but most of the animes are based on future or current world settings.

any way thats just my opinion, no hating please.

btw, which is the first .hack anime series? sign or root? am interested to watch it.

koga883219d ago

Well in this the characters are in a game so that could explain the way they are wearing less clothes than normal because for some reason in most video games, less clothes = better armor.

As far as which anime is first it is .hack//sign that is the first in the series.

futurefrog3220d ago

.hack// is amazing. Female Kite is hot too ;)

masterabbott3220d ago

damn straight she is love Hack!!

masterabbott3220d ago

Interesting review. I like Hack .. thanks for sharing this out.

TheColbertinator3220d ago

I would totally get this if it wasn't just 3 episodes

koga883220d ago

Thankfully it seems FUNimation is only charging around $25 or so on righstuf for the series so it wouldn't be too bad. Clocks in at around an hour and fifteen minutes. Though according to the review the extras are pretty tame.

ShoryukenII3220d ago

You could just get it for free on the internet. Unless you're one of those amish guys that don't watch stuff online. ;p

futurefrog3219d ago

Shoryuken, it is people like you who are the scum of the world. You are the type of person killing anime!!

Lavalamp3220d ago

Had no idea this was canon until yesterday. I must watch this!

koga883220d ago

There isn't too much of a change in the story honestly. I won't spoil anything but there is a character that returns from a past series.