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Review - Japanator Kind of Recommends: Go Go Nippon!

Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes, "Playing Go Go Nippon! ~ My First Trip to Japan ~, one can't help but wonder:

'Just who is this game for?'

Is it for the Japan-fan about to embark on his virgin visit to the Land of the Rising Sun? Is it for the experienced otaku aficionado looking out for the next big bishoujo game? Or is it for the curious outsider looking for an "in" to the world of visual novels?

In a way, it's for all of the above. In a way, its only problem is that it can't really satisfy - not entirely - any of the above. At least, not without a good deal of expectation-temperance.

It's a good thing that that's what this review is for, eh? Read on to get your expectations tempered."

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