Rock Lee Anime Will Debut This April

Analoghype: "A tweet an of image from new Shonen magazine surfaced, which confirms the date of the anticipated Rock Lee spin-off."


Typo. Not "Shonen" but "Saikyo"

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ShoryukenII2916d ago

I feel like this will be a large collection of Rock Lee and Guy fillers. No story at all. What a waste of time...

Pein2916d ago

Yeah :(

At least it shouldn't interfere with Naruto Shippuden schedule.

tayz2916d ago

i still want to watch this!

aDDicteD2911d ago

yup story might be soft but still I'm going to see it as a naruto fan ^_^

CanadianTurtle2916d ago

It at least better have some good fightscenes. Out of every naruto character out there, Rock Lee is the most fun to look at when it comes to fighting.

ShoryukenII2911d ago

Rock Lee vs Gaara and Rock Lee vs Kimimaro were awesome. I don't think that I have seen him fight once in Shippuden.

aDDicteD2911d ago

nice,, going to watch this one for sure