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Bleach Anime February 2012 Schedule

4 new episodes of Bleach in February.

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tayz3522d ago

i haven't seen bleach in ages. i'm gonna watch soon!

KevPC3521d ago

Bleach has alot of fillers

tayz3521d ago

i heard somewhere there gonna stop the anime and replace it with naruto's lee anime

tayz3521d ago

not sure but i saw it

Simon_Brezhnev3516d ago

Naruto has way more fillers than Bleach. Bleach is off the fillers now.

Naruto does fillers when they dont need to. Bleach and OP only does it when there to close to the manga.

KevPC3520d ago

Probably true since the anime is catching up to the manga. I wouldn't mind if they go on hiatus for a while and come back better. Cause at this point i'm already starting to lose interest...