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Ace, Brook, Whitebeard, Hancock Confirmed Playable in One Piece Kaizoku Musou

4 new characters have been confirmed playable in the new One Piece game.

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tayz4022d ago

pure win with ace! it looks like this is fighting game too

iChii4020d ago

Ace is awesome but I wanna be able to use SHANKS. <3

zainnaeem19934022d ago

hope it is does something like ultimate ninja storm,it'll be freakin awesome

tayz4022d ago

i know i so cant wait for this game!! i wonder if this can be even better than storm generations!!??!!

zainnaeem19934022d ago

I always wanted a one piece fighting game, just the sheer amount of characters would make the game great and adding their abilities, damn i just want that!

4021d ago