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Saint Seiya Returns in New Omega TV Anime Series

Toei Animation announced on Tuesday that the mythical fantasy anime Saint Seiya will return to television for the first time in about a quarter century with a new series, Saint Seiya Omega, on April 1.

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futurefrog3756d ago

I am 100% watching this. Saint Seiya is and always will be awesome. My cosmos is burning!

Megaman_nerd3756d ago

they lost me at "13 years old protagonist". This is just a kid's show... Part of what made Saint Seiya so good was the blood and suggestive themes combined with a good story and action but this crap sounds like Beyblade. =/

cemelc3755d ago

Well just think they are 18 or older, cos sure as hell they dont look 13, is not like theyll be saying their age every episode.

Simon_Brezhnev3755d ago

Yeah its fucking off my radar sick of lil kids. Saint Seiya was never for kids this another reason i liked 80s/early 90s anime more. They never hold back. I rather them finish Saint Seiya Lost Canvas now that OVA is pretty good.