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Naruto Generations Killer Bee Rap with Lyrics in English Alphabet

A few seconds of Killer Bee Rap and news on the Collector's Edition.

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tayz2906d ago

they should have shown more rap in this one. super dissapoint. the collectors edition also looks dumb.

Simon_Brezhnev2905d ago

Tayz you better be the number 1 player in this game the way you love it. LOL

Please dont use Minato, Itatchi, or Sage Naruto a lot.

tayz2905d ago

U KNOW IT!!! lol those are my are my 1, 2, and 3 for Storm 2. have we met before!?!? 0_0

Simon_Brezhnev2905d ago

nope just that everybody uses them. If i decide to get it. My team will be Serious Tobi, Raikage, and not sure about the 3rd person yet.