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Namco Bandai Files Pirate Warriors with US Patent and Trademark Office

Saiyan Island reports that the first One Piece game on the PS3 could be making it's way to the USA.

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tayz4009d ago

i had several nosebleeds when i read this!!!!! it better come very soon!!! yessssssss

Simon_Brezhnev4009d ago

Hell yeah i hope this comes out soon to the states. Do you know if they will do the time skip? I hope they do but it wouldnt matter i wonder how they will do Luffy best fight in the series so far againt Lucci.

tayz4009d ago

there will be some timeskip but it will mostly be part 1. i don't care about timeskip that much because there is sooo much from part 1 they need to cover!!!

Simon_Brezhnev4009d ago

Yeah thats true matter fact im about to watch episode 535 now. lol