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Anime Evo: Guilty Crown 16 - 17 Review

Anime Evo: Okay, so…admittedly, I’m incredibly crunched for time so I wasn’t able to review these episodes separately like I wanted to. So I’ll be reviewing episodes 16 and 17 this week. Hopefully this won’t feel as rushed as I think it will… On with the reviews!

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koga884006d ago

Anyone else feel like kicking Shu in the face at the end of this episode? It's one thing to scream about getting your arm cut off, its another thing to scream about your power of kings.

Instigator4006d ago

I've wanted to kick his face several times during this anime.

Simon_Brezhnev4006d ago

well i gave up on this series after episode 10 when he killed his friend brother. The episode after that pissed me off. Shu will forever be a pussy.

koga884006d ago

It really is one of the most flip flopping shows I've ever seen. I've watched too much to drop it now but at this point its gotten so ridiculous with the story and Shu's inability to even think for himself that it is barely tolerable now.

TheMrMadzen4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Because the new king is gonna treat everyone sooooo much better, right? RIGHT?!
I didn't think so.

Simon_Brezhnev4005d ago

Shu and Yuki are the worst characters this season in anime. I couldnt tolerate them no more. I think because since i saw over probably 200 series of anime i got pretty high standards now.

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