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Anime Evo: Chihayafuru 20 Review

Anime Evo: This week’s episode starts off with the karuta club finishing their first round of matches and heading to a quick 15 minute break before the next round. As everyone heads out to the hallway to either grab a quick snack or drink, Chihaya stays behind and tries to focus on her technique. She’s finally gotten the hang of the two and three syllable breathing technique with the cards, but she realizes she still needs to work on her accuracy.

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futurefrog4001d ago

Great review of a great anime

setsuken4001d ago

Totally agreed! Chihayafuru has got to be one of the best anime airing right now! =D

nagicakeumz3995d ago

Aw thank you! It's by far one of my favorites from the Winter - Spring season. Though I have to admit, Black Rock Shooter is definitely competing with it. :)