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Over 31 Minutes of Awakenings, Jutsus, Ultimate Jutsus (Naruto Generations)

72 characters worth of special attacks, power-ups, and ougis from the game.

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tayz3989d ago

i just watched all of these...and...I WANT THE GAME NOW!!

deep_fried_bum_cake3989d ago

I can't believe I just for half an hour and watched that, it was good but I have work to do. Procrastination level = ∞

tayz3989d ago

no man, u were prioritizing.

1. Naruto
2. everything else

colonel1793989d ago

This is the best fighting game for me. It is really easy to pick up and is very fun. I don't have to deal with button configurations and learn endless combos and techniques.

I would have liked to see a Bleach game like this, or even a DBZ with this style. I really love the cinematic battles.

tayz3989d ago

AGREED WITH A BIG PLUS ONE! Bleach and DBZ both need this kind of loving! No more Ultimate Tenkaichi stuff plz!

FlashXIII3989d ago

O man why do they do this to me.. the day this comes out in the EU is the day I have to look after my mum's puppy for a week. Just wanna shut myself up in a dark room for a week eating nothing but pizza and play this badboy until my thumbs bleed or my heart stops :(

Rai3988d ago

i can't help but think, they could of taken out alot of those naruto/sasuke clones and put other characters in.

like all the other tail beast, or all the other kages.

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