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Man Creates Real Life One Piece Sogeking Slingshot

A One Piece fan has created a real life slingshot modeled after Usopp. He shows how to use it too.

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tayz3991d ago

that was VERY IMPRESSIVE!! lol i like how he just started stabbing the card board

deep_fried_bum_cake3991d ago

Damn I want that. I'd dress up as Sogeking and fire an apple at my friends head. Assuming he would wake up from the coma that slingshot would induce, I'm sure he'd laugh it off because of the one piece reference.

Ranma13991d ago


Unfortunately Usop and that bear character (forgot his name) were my least liked characters in One Piece (i didnt dislike them, remember, i said least liked)

deep_fried_bum_cake3991d ago

Do you mean Chopper (reindeer and Strawhat doctor) or Bepo the bear in the Heart Pirates? If you mean chopper then yeah he can be annoying, I think his only good moments when he gets all starry eyed over the awesomeness of others. I think that Usopp is okay and brings a lot of comedy to it but chopper sucks. Nami is the worst though.

Ranma13991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )


nami is nice, she had big you know what. and they keep growing throughout the anime !

deep_fried_bum_cake3990d ago

I know that. One of my favourite anime moments is when Absalom has her pinned against the wall in the thriller bark arc but in terms of what she does she is totally useless.

r213990d ago

epic one piece right there! great work man :D now make usopp's bullets, hehe.

aDDicteD3990d ago

that's really nicely done, next stop cosplay ^_^

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