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Anime Evo: Guilty Crown 18 Review

Anime Evo: After the previous episode’s cliffhanger, I wasn’t entirely sure where the rest of the series would go. Is Shu going to die? Is Inori going to go back to Gai although he’s obviously been brought back from the grave and isn’t who (or what) he was before he died? Why did Haruka let this happen? What is Arisa doing cooperating with GHQ in the first place? With so many questions, I was really eager to see how this episode would turn out.

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koga883989d ago

Didn't take very long before Gai went ahead and became the bad guy out of nowhere. Gotta admit the series is becoming sort of a train wreck now, I mean I still enjoy certain parts of it but that whole Inori transformation was just a big what the hell moment.

nagicakeumz3989d ago

Yeah, Gai becoming the bad guy really did come out of left field. I wonder if it has to do with Haruki and Keido bringing him back and/or Mana. I'm intrigued as to what will happen (especially with Shu since...well, he's kind of useless at this point). The action is still nice, but until we get some clarification on the plot it's just going to be a giant mess.