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Top 50 Most Overrated Anime

Anime fans have yet again been busying themselves about a grand ranking of the most “overrated” anime that they can dredge from their notoriously short memories, but even amongst fellow anime fans their choices are proving controversial indeed…

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Ranma13989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

One peice should not be on that list. Naruto, maybe

clrlite3989d ago

I really liked the original naruto. I would never say one piece is overrated, even though it's really popular. A lot of those anime I haven't heard of :D

Tanir3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

onepiece is pretty bad, I mean for people who like shows that dont end, have talking reindeer and enemies that look so childish I suppose its good from what i heard, but for people like me, I can't take that crap seriously, nor do i find it funny, Bleach and naruto def deserve to be on the list aswell

looking at the fate zero is on their? fail list. lol

ThanatosDMC3989d ago

You never watched the show then. It's not kiddy at all. Maybe you watched the kiddy super censored version of 4 Kids TV?

Naruto and especially Bleach deserves to be on the list.

rezzah3989d ago

Naruto a a mature show, if you understand what it is trying to achieve. Kids can enjoy the fighting but it is deeper than DBZ, which had only action.

Naruto is about forgiveness regardless of pain, and understanding that acting on hate breeds more hate. All of this in order to achieve true peace.

No other show I have seen has shown this to such an extent that Naruto has and is doing.

Megaman_nerd3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

One Piece is crazy but that's what makes it unique and interesting. Its world is entirely based on fantasy and quirkiness but because of that it isn't restricted to tell or show certain things in a specific way. The show is totally unpredictable and because you'll never know what to expect next it truly feels like going into a journey.
Arlong is a fish-man pirate that killed Nami's mother and then forced her to work for him. And she's desperate because he's gonna kill all the people of the village next.

You see, this show is not as silly as it looks. And Arlong's coldness toward humans has its explanation too, he isn't evil just because either. This is how humans treat fishmen too because they sees them as any other fish.


That's BS ,Pokemon and Case closed are the worst . They both have strain off their plot for years now that it's all mindless bs

gaffyh3988d ago

@Tanir - I probably would have said the same thing a few years ago, then I watched One Piece, and it is AMAZING. I watched pretty much 500 episodes in the space of a month, and have rewatched it many times because it's THAT good. Seriously.

Naruto is also quite good, people think it's just about ninja's fighting, but there is a much deeper story in the back, and especially Shippuuden is a much more mature story. Minato is epic!

I agree with Bleach though, it was great for the first arc, but then they completely ruined it. Dragging on too many fights and adding too many fillers, then the latest arc which absolutely sucks.

silvacrest3988d ago

like others have said, its not kiddy at all, if you watched it at all you would realize this,

talking animals have been in plenty of anime's including naruto and bleach

you not finding it funny is 100% your opinion and should not even be a factor

i believe one piece looks like it does because it was made in 1997, that's more then 20 years, the animations can evolve only so much without it looking like a different show

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Ranma13989d ago

Gintama should be on that list. Because its not even funny

Kon3989d ago

That's like, your opinion man.

Megaman_nerd3989d ago

basically everything that is popular is by default overrated.

Deadpool6163989d ago

That's what it looks like Megaman_nerd.

Meh, it really doesn't matter what this skanky website says anyway.

Tuxedo_Mask3989d ago

Haha, I agree. While a skanky website may make some good points some times, it's reputation precedes it.

Ranma13989d ago

LOL....i laughed at that really

scrambles3988d ago

How it works:
Tons of people love the anime,
hype the anime,
act as if its god on a bun,
then recommend the anime to others,
they dont find it as amazing as those other ppl.


smashcrashbash3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Naruto is definitely over rated in my opinion. The characters and story of Naruto are the worst EVER. To listen to them talk or watch them fight is monotonous and tedious. And before you avalanche me with disagrees that is my opinion.I would rather watch DBZ then Naruto and I hate DBZ.

I have tried to give Naruto a chance but listening to Naruto moan on about a friendship that didn't exist between him and Sasuke, the uselessness of certain characters like Sakura, the idiotic plot lines, the repetitive use of the same powers over and over again,Naruto's stupidity,the long fights that went no where, the long explanations about what they did, the fox spirit always being used to revive Naruto whenever he was losing.

I mean I watched that episode near the beginning with them explaining how Naruto turned into the shuriken and i thought 'who gives a $hit?' And that rubbish with the mirrors that went on and on.One Piece characters at least show true friendship and sacrifice towards each other. Zoro taking all of Luffy's pain and Ussop fighting to keep the Going Merry was more heartfelt then Naruto chasing after a friendship with Susuke that never existed and Sakura's tiresome attempt to pretend she could actually do anything at all.It was like Yugi always trying to be Kaiba's friend all the time despite him being a heartless bastard.

rezzah3989d ago

While it is bad to be bombarded with disagree for you opinion it is okay to have agrees?

Don't be one sided, sorry if I sound rude but if you share an opinion expect to be disagreed with as it is a opinion.

Now here is mine, while you may see sides of Naruto that doesn't actually make it stand out it is actually the growth of Naruto that stands out. From having no one and being ignored to becoming the village hero. Not only that, but what the show is doing that no other show has done to the extent that Naruto is doing, which is obtaining true piece regardless of the level of pain he receives. Along the way he changes others into believing in him, that he can change the circle of hate and pain.

With that said, it makes you believe in him to, to want to see how he will create true peace in a land constantly ravage by suffering.

It stands out because it can be related to reality, in which people act on their pain and hatred. Few ever stop to forgive regardless of the level of pain.

smashcrashbash3989d ago

I am sorry but so many parts of Naruto feel flat on its face. The part with him being no one to hero has been done to death in just about every anime. Naruto is a very dis-likable character and the show would have been much better if he wasn't there. The constant excuses made way the grown ups can't take care of a fight while Naruto and his 'friends' could made no sense and made them look like Harry Potter constantly throwing Naruto and 'friends' in danger instead of letting the grown ups handle it.

The concept of why Naruto was a zero made no sense either. They possessed him with the fox and ostracized him for no reason at all. No one told the people who did it, why he was treated that way or why people hated him. They took an innocent boy and made his life hell for basically no reason. And then his friendship with Sakura and Sasuke or anyone else made no sense either. They constantly put him down, did nothing for him. He keep on calling Sasuke his friend but what the hell did he ever do for him except call him names, try to make him feel bad and try to destroy him.

You see I don't hate anyone for watching Naruto but don't try to pretend it is some revolutionary tale or something. One Piece shows true sacrifice, dedication and friendship. I could name dozens of times where they put themselves on the line for each other from Luffy saving Nami's village to Zoro taking Luffy's pain to Luffy crossing ice and snow to save Nami's and Sanji's life.Naruto keeps shouting about friendship and loyalty and advancement etc. and they don't do anything that shows it.

He kept on yelling that Sasuke was his friend and he NEVER really was. It was like only in Naruto's head he was his friend.Naruto supposedly got stronger but had basically the same moves from before while Luffy and crew learned so much more. In my opinion One Piece does everything Naruto pretends to be doing.Even the 'epic battles' fall short with too much talking, explaining, pausing etc. I never shed a tear for anyone dying in Naruto but I nearly lost it when they had to destroy the Going Merry or when Ace died in Luffy's arms. This is why i get mad when ever Bleach and Naruto are above One Piece in listings.

rezzah3989d ago

You have good reasons, but what I realised is that what you found to be negatives about Naruto I found to be positive.

Meaning we can argue our reasons back and forth, but in the end it wouldn't make sense as we like what we like.

Even if One-piece is lower than naruto on the list be glad it isn't following the footsteps of Bleach (I should too for naruto) because Bleach ends in the next 4 weeks. Also it is not like other people liking a show you dislike more than the show you like makes your show to be terrible in comparison. Just enjoy your show as I will with mine.

smashcrashbash3988d ago

Like I said my goal is not to stop anyone from watching Naruto. I am just giving my take on it. I am usually a very flexible guy with anime and give many of them their fair shot. In fact if I didn't do that I would never have started watching One Piece again after they got rid of that awful 4Kids version.

But to me Naruto is neither mature, deep, interesting, clever or anything like that and I have given it more then enough time to prove to me otherwise. Despite what I say about it I don't want anyone to stop watching it. I won't stop watching One Piece no matter what anyone says about it and I expect everyone to do the same with his or her favorite anime. Heck despite how much I teased her about it I never wanted my sister to stop watching Ouran High School