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Pokemon Black and White Movies Review [Capsule Computers]

Check out Capsule Computers review of Pokemon the Movie: Black and Pokemon the Movie: White.

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LinkageAX3986d ago

That girl looks cute :3

masterabbott3985d ago

she's a cartoon character, friken perverts get over it.

masterabbott3986d ago

Im sick and tired of Poke-ur-mum, why dont they just give end it already.

futurefrog3986d ago

stop trolling all the time

masterabbott3985d ago

i dont troll. i just give my honest opinon on things.

zeal0us3985d ago

I heard Ash is immortal or have ability to always stay young. Serious this guy was 13 or something when I was growing up. He should be in 20s or later. Pikachu should be able to defeat other pokemon with one hit.

koga883986d ago

While Lily seems like your standard follower, Cilan looks way out of place next to Ash, especially compared to all of the other people that have followed him around over the years.

Interesting how even the two movies have very little difference, just like the games.

Deadpool6163985d ago

I can't believe they're still following Ash after all these years. I wish they followed someone else like another trainer, or anybody else.

I really want Pokemon to show some sort of progression. It been the same routine for over a decade now.

killerhog3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

they did break out of the Ash saga, but it wasnt doing well. so, they went back to Ash, Misty, and May, then back to Ash and Brock last time i seen it. i gotta admit though, the movies are really lame. its mostly dialogue, then running away from or chasing villains and maybe 1 or 2 seconds worth of a pokemon fight, then repeat. i cant believe it won over Digimon and Monster Rancher.

futurefrog3985d ago

Monster Rancher was the shit!