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Wall Street Journal: A Tribute to Osamu Tezuka

Streams of black ink drip down scroll-like screens, dancers mimic the strokes of a paintbrush and Shaolin monks play-fight. Set to a haunting score, these are just some of the scenes in the anime-inspired dance performance “TeZukA.”

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Ranma13986d ago

Father of manga. What a great man.

It annoys me that Walt Disney copied Tezuka's ideas without crediting him. Hollywood has stolen ideas as if its their own.

Lion King stole from Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion:
proof: http://images.icanhascheezb...


Matrix steals from Ghost in the Shell (some parts stolen frame by frame)


Tuxedo_Mask3985d ago

At least the guys who did The Matrix admit it.

As for Tezuka, he's a legend. I was a big fan of Astro Boy as a kid and he did a lot of other great stuff too.