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ADK, TV Tokyo to Pay 4Kids US$8 Million

The Hollywood Reporter trade magazine reported on Monday that plaintiffs Asatsu-DK (ADK) and TV Tokyo will pay US$8 million to the American production company 4Kids Entertainment as a part of their settlement.

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Ranma13980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Anyone else wants 4kids to just die.

They ruined one piece !

AWBrawler3980d ago

Why are they even still around, and I agree, I thought onepiece sucked, until i started watching it subbed, now i'm hooked

Tuxedo_Mask3980d ago

4Kids just got a lifeline courtesy of this judge. They shouldn't have gotten any money from this suit, if it was unfounded at the most they should have only been compensated for their legal fees.

Ranma13980d ago

Yeh, am pissed and very angry at this !

They files for bankruptcy, now there back!!!!



here it comes the dictator of No Cleavage, Blood, Poorly Dubbs, and Extreme Editing show that will ruin anime in every sense possible

Flavor3979d ago

Spitting on the grave of the Anime industry... Anime was just another exploitable resource to Western media conglomerates, anyway.

Tratious3979d ago

That's what it is to the Japanese companies that create it also.