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Top 25 Most Underrated Anime

Anime fans have selected what they consider to be some of the most underrated anime ever – providing a selection which at least looks likely to prove less controversial than their choices for the most overrated anime, if only slightly.

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Ranma13981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

I think Ashita no Joe is the most under rated anime.

So many people refuse to watch it because it has old style animation (like 1970's), but the story is amazing.

Pokemon and DBZ (even though they are also good) on the other hand are way over rated.

Who agrees ?

deep_fried_bum_cake3981d ago

Pokemon is definitely not overrated, I think everyone over the age of 8 acknowledges that it is a crap anime. Dragonball Z is not a series that I would say is overrated, people love it because most people will have grown up with it but it's rare that you'll see someone listing it on a list of their favourite animes unless they've seen only a few.

Ranma13981d ago

Pokemon is an awesome anime. The original series was AMAZING.

Then it went downhill like Final Fantasy.

These are my top 5 under rated anime:

1. Ashita no Joe

2. Hunter x Hunter

3. Rorouni Kenshin

4. Samurai Champaloo

5. One Piece

chadwarden3979d ago

@ Ranma1

One piece is underrated? I'm sorry I must have read your list wrong. Let me check again. WHAT!?!?!? You saying that the most popular anime series that blows everything else out of the water in terms of sales is underrated? It's more along the lines of being OVERrated than under.

iChii3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

One Piece underrated...HAHAHAHAHA.

Srsly? One Piece? THE One Piece? Gtfo.

Anyways, I think D. Gray-Man is VERY underrated.

Gintama is also very underrated.

Edit: Mirai Nikki isn't underrated. Wtf. It has a decent audience. Plus millions of people already red the Manga. If you wanna mention 2012 underrated Animes, Another is the one to go. If you're a fan of Mystery and Mind-fckn animes, Another is a MUST WATCH.

PshycoNinja3979d ago

Shuffle is very underrated along with:

-Rosario + Vampire
-Desert Punk

Kenichi, Sekirei and Rosario all were great Anime's (and are all on Netflix too.... your welcome ;)) but all ended where it seemed that there should have been more and found out later that they were canceled, all of them after their 2nd seasons.

Watch these animes! I highly recommend them.

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Ranma13980d ago

Another anime people should check out is Monster.

Its like Death Note, but its pretty under rated, not many no about it.


here are my list
2. Great teacher Okanashi
3. yu yu hakusho
4. Dears
5. Elfen Lied

NovusTerminus3980d ago

Kara No Kyoukai

Twisted and graphic. But prolly my favorite anime ever, though it really is a set of 7 movies.

Chevalier3979d ago

There's also an extra 8th short movie that only came with the bluray set. I absolutely loved this series. I can see how it was the precursor to Tsukihime as well.

smashcrashbash3979d ago

Medabots alone makes this list crap

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