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What’s the problem with Aki Sora?

Animegrad writes: I seem to be the only one who likes Aki Sora.

I mean, sure the story went from sappy drama about forbidden love to full-blown orgies in the course of six chapters; and trust me, I was angry at how shitty the story became. Then I noticed a bulge in my pants and realized that not all anime and manga need to be good to be enjoyable. Of course, some crappy anime receive more popularity than it deserves, and that really grinds my gears, but that’s my disappointment with anime fans in general and doesn’t lie strictly with the anime.

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Ranma13982d ago

I think the problem for some might be that she keeps taking her pants off.

But I LIKE (in borats voice)

Ranma13982d ago

What is the Aki Sora anime about. Girl is hot

CrescentFang3982d ago

It's basically a borderline hentai. Sex in every chapter, iirc. The anime only has 2 OVAs, basically if you just want animated sex, no genitalia, that's basically what makes it a borderline hentai... (the author of this article says it wasn't as good as the manga and I agree.)
Basically if you're looking for a deep story, I think that's why people didn't like it. I never really looked into depth about that, but I think the story was kind of cute, if memory serves me right. The anime doesn't cover the full story either, the manga is about 30 chapters iirc

Ranma13982d ago

Thanks for letting me know, seems interesting