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Kotaku: The Diary Of A One Piece Virgin

Kotaku writes: I know next to nothing about One Piece. In fact, going into the newest Dynasty Warriors game, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, the only One Piece related thing I had seen was the movie Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom on a date back in 2008. The only things I remember about that movie are 1) Luffy is a poor man’s Mr. Fantastic and 2) literally everyone in the entire theatre was bawling — well, everyone except me anyway.

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Ranma13989d ago

Is that pic really in the anime?

If so whats going on?

sunnygrg3989d ago

It's not from the game. It's from the anime.

I don't know the exact episode number, but it happens when Hancock gives Luffy the key to Ace's lock in Marineford.