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Manga Artist Presents "Highschool of the Dead" x "Lollipop Chainsaw" Illustration

Highschool of the Dead artist Shouji Satou is doing more than lending a pair of character designs to Lollipop Chainsaw for downloadable content character design. He's also illustrated a special zombie fighter cross-over illustration, that will be offered to Japanese consumers who buy the fourth volume of his new action manga Triage X.

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GillHarrison3981d ago

Yay, now only if he would actually get back to continuing the manga. It's been on hiatus for a long time now. I don't even see it coming back as he's busy with Triage X.

Soulscare3978d ago

Totally agree! Really ready for a new season of HOTD! Apparently he "announced it" but I think that was BS... I saw the video and he said something a long the lines of "As long as we have support, we will continue". Is HOTD even that big in Japan? I read somewhere it wasn't, which sucks...