Last Two Volumes of Tales of Symphonia the Animation United World Episode Dated "It was previously announced that the Tales of Symphonia anime's United World arc would now be getting a total of 3 volumes instead of the initially planned 2. Today, the anime's official site has been updated with the release dates for the last two volumes of the OVA."

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Simon_Brezhnev3514d ago

Good because i love the OVAs so far. So underrated IMO. Since i refuse 2 buy a gamecube or play them on Wii.

Anybody that played the game and watch the OVAs are they true to the game story?

a7453513d ago

There are a few minor changes from the game to the anime (due to time constraints, of course), but the core plot of it is pretty much exactly the same.

Simon_Brezhnev3513d ago

Thanks a lot i wish they brought the PS2 version overseas then i would gladly buy it.