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Hey, Answerman!: Patchwork Guilt

Brian Hanson: ...Two weeks ago I exchanged a bit of harsh words about two things that really seemed to rile people up, both positively and negatively, regarding the lengths that people go to "rationalize" piracy, and used media sales in anime and manga. Now, the point of an editorial column such as this isn't precisely to change people's minds, because on a topic such as this, it's kind of impossible - but rather to attempt to instill a bit of reasoned argument on my part, in a perhaps useless effort to examine the situation. And that of course bled into the forums, which turned into a free-for-all of insane conclusions and bizarre "slippery slope" arguments, which are the sort of things that tend to drown out some of the more "reasoned" voices on both sides. Either way, I got an email from a reader who wanted to clarify their position on the whole thing, specifically the Oatmeal cartoon that caused my initial rancor.

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