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Review - Japanator Doesn't Recommend: Rosario + Vampire

Japanator's Elliot Gay writes, "Unfortunately, the Rosario + Vampire anime never finds its stride. Instead, it goes out of its way to rid itself of all the things that worked well in the manga, leaving behind everything that didn't. Not to let itself be outdone, Rosario + Vampire then somehow finds a way to make itself worse."

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Ranma13981d ago

But the question is. Is it as bad as FF13 and FF13-2???

koga883980d ago

Wow well.... I can't agree with that score at all. I don't see how the world he even could rate it that low. A 2 out of 10 means that it is something a kid would have drawn and had poor voice actors.

I don't care if you don't like fan service which it seems is part of the reason for the low score, but it still succeeds in a number of ways with at least decent visuals most of the time and more than adequate voice acting.

The guy's review reads like that of a bitter anime viewer who simply hated the anime because it wasn't similar to the manga he had read so far and did its own thing. So for containing anime original content it was labeled with a 2?

Simon_Brezhnev3980d ago

I didnt like the anime myself i tried the 1st and second season.

koga883980d ago

Also, did he aim to grab the worst possible screenshots possible for his review? I've seen this anime personally in the same exact package he has seen it on in North America and it does not look bad in motion. Just horrible screencaps to focus on quality drops and trying to pass it off as consistently bad throughout.